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Black Sunshine
Black Sunshine
70 minutes


Produced by Obibini Pictures
Written & Directed by: Akosua Adoma Owusu
Screenplay by: Akosua Adoma Owusu & Yaba Blay
Co-producer: Ingrid Høgtun
Co-producer: Raimond Goebel
Executive Produced by: Angele Diabang
Still Photography by Bee Walker

Produire au Sud Workhop, 2010
Amiens Screenplay Fund Finalist, 2011
Creative Capital Foundation Grant, 2012
Locarno Film Festival Open Doors, 2012
Tribeca Heineken Affinity Award, 2013
Durban FilmMart, 2013
ARTE France International Prize, 2013
MacDowell Colony Fellowship, 2013
Berlinale Talents Script Station, 2014
SØRFOND Norweign Film Fund, 2014
Berlinale World Cinema Fund, 2014
IFP No Borders Market, 2014
Tribeca All Access grant, 2015
Guggenheim Fellowship, 2015

Black Sunshine tells the story of hairdresser, ROSEMARY KONADU, and her 12-year-old albino daughter, COCO. Rosemary longs to escape her frustrating African reality. She feels ashamed of birthing an albino child, and ironically, of her own Blackness. An insecure and disenchanted single mother, Rosemary relies on skin lightening products and unavailable men to escape her own reality. In hopes of rescue, Rosemary pursues a tempestuous love affair with JEAN SAVANT, a European man, only to find in him a merciless reflection of her own miserable existence. Unloved and neglected by her mother, Coco struggles to find her place in the world. A lonely wanderer, she finds solace in a mysterious boy, FORTUNE. Through Fortune, Coco explores what it feels like to belong and is tempted to follow his call into the world beyond.

Black Sunshine examines albino Africans as tropes for cross-cultural identity while creatively engaging in representations of beauty and unbalanced power relations in the intricacies of everyday life.